Produzione viteria unificata

Production of standard screws

Thanks to its customers, UBB SRL is involved from many years in the production of a wide range of fasteners destinated at several and different markets and applications, and is able to develop and supply standard screws and bolts in according to norms DIN – ISO – UNI, in carbon steels, stainless steel A2 - A4 or in other special and super austenitc class of material


Following some examples of our standard productions:

Discover the characteristics of standard screws and all related applications thought by UBB thanks to its decennal experience in manufacturing field. 

We provide our long experience in the design and production of screws and fastening systems tailored to any application sector.

If you need advice on the production of special fasteners, write to us.
One of our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

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