Who we are

To those who already knew UBB, in this section you’ll be able to discover how UBB was borne and how it has evolved to become the great reality it’s today. For those who don’t know it, you just have to enter, you cannot reveal the previews.

Our history


UBB, it’s fonder acronyms, Ubaldo Bruno Bertolotti, it’s a company specialized in mechanical fastenings
Founded in 1969 as Italian sales representative of a large Swiss multinational of fastenings, in 1993 conquest its own autonomy and starts commercializing products realizing a new stamp and specializing in civil and industrial coverings and in plugging.

Ubaldo Bruno Bertolotti negli anni della fondazione


In 2000, thanks to the enterprise spirit of Ubaldo’s son, Diego, and strong of its tradition, UBB starts to yield in its inside also the fastening.
This step allows not only to reduce the time of replenishing the warehouse, but also to increase always more the range of fastening and can also be made to customer designs.
In 2002 UBB complete its own company physiognomy with a technical laboratory which in time become the cardinal point of quality and design of fastenings.
Following constant growth and development, the company feels the need for more space, so in 2009 it moved to its current location in Via dell’Industria, which is larger and more easily accessible. Thanks to the possibilities provided by the new headquarters, in 2011, UBB invested in a lacquering plant that allows to speed up the supply of coloured fasteners.

  • Facade of our headquarter

  • Entry vehicles

  • First UBB production workshop


In 2013, thanks to its 14 years of experience in screws production, Diego decides to extend the distribution of its own products also to other destination sectors.
So, in addition to civil and industrial covering, UBB starts producing fastenings for shelving and self-supporting warehouses, automotive, naval sector and petrochemistry industrial, maintaining in each sector its own quality standards.

Since the beginning, UBB base its philosophy on valour which innovation, quality and service.

The company today


UBB Company presentation

Take a look at our headquarter in Cormano (MIlan, Italy)

The UBB staff is technical qualified and it’s able to help the client in choosing the most suitable fixing for his needs.

We follow each operation by providing telephone consultancy or by ensuring the presence of our officials on site, on site or at the customer's production site.
The possibility of being present on construction site and on the site of the final production allows our technicians to carry out specific tests on the field, detecting the real results of the application, so you can accurately suggest the best solutions respecting the specificity of each particular case.
In our demonstration room, the customer can also have the opportunity to attend the presentations of the fixings and see directly the effectiveness of the solutions proposed by UBB and appreciate the functionality of each single item.

  • Demo room

  • Extraction test on site

  • FASER extraction test on site


Each product produced by UBB is well-finished in every phase of molding, coining, taxiing and thermic treatments, this attention for each productive step is certified by the operators through very detailed control form.
Moreover, both during and after production, run specific test and testing by our technical laboratory.
The technical laboratory plays a fundamental role in controlling the quality of every single fixture in all production phases and, thanks to its state-of-the-art equipment, provides the sales office with specific fixing tests even for special customer applications and materials.

  • Production department

  • Operator in technical laboratory

  • Technical laboratory


Also with regard to lacquering, UBB guarantees a high level service using powder coatings that improve the performance of lacquering and significantly reduce toxicity values.

  • Operator during a lacquering action

  • Operator during a lacquering action


The warehouse is the organizational hub of UBB, tidy and efficient, allowing an efficient and fast handling of the fastening of the fixing, from the operations of storing the production lots to the management of the treatments, up to the shipment to the customer. The seals assembly line, lacquering and internal canning also allow a quick order fulfilment and customize the packs according to the customer’s sales or use needs.

  • Operator in the warehouse

  • Warehouse, unboxed prodcuts

  • Operator at assembling washers machine

  • Warehouse, products ready for delivery


UBB is never satisfied with the objectives achieved but aims at continuous evolution of its product.

UBB is never satisfied with the objectives achieved but aims at continuous evolution of its product and maturation of its skills.

UBB nourishes a real passion for the challenges, a passion that has always allowed this company to measure and face without fear even seemingly arduous or unsolvable problems, providing customers with items that at first glance would have been impossible to produce with the machines available.

Vanguard and experimentation are in fact the values that have led UBB to propose new technologies on the Italian market, coming to conceive original and innovative products.


In order to pursue its corporate mission, in 2015, UBB decided to develop a Quality Management System for its processes according to the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard and in 2018 the company renewed its certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015.

The organizational and technical activities are therefore regularly, in a systematic, planned and documented way, aimed at achieving the following objectives:

• Improve the way processes are managed to achieve qualitative and quantitative results up to the mission;
• Provide products and services that comply with the standards required by the customer, established by the company and comply with legal requirements;
• Promote and encourage the training of the company's internal staff;
• Incorporate the principle of continuous improvement into UBB's corporate culture, applying it daily on a personal and team level.

  • Quality policy