All our products are marked with our logo for a simple identification and our label are easy to read. To make the client’s own our products we can add their logo on washer and label. With our internal lacquering system, we can colour our products according to RAL table or to the sample.


In order to allow the customer to recognize immediately the supplier for any additions of material, screws, plates and washer of our production are marked with our logo.
Even our labels are easy to read, including the image and description of the screw and the references of the lot and date of production.


Our products are all customizable in order to be traceable by the customer in case of resale to its buyers. It is indeed possible to insert your logo on the label in place of ours.
Furthermore, on the back of the metal washer of the KKK, BSC and K20 seals, it’s possible to carry out a branding with the required name.


  • Custom labels

  • Washers marked qith customer's logo



To have fasteners of the same colour of the profiles on site, we can supply our lacquering fasteners according to the RAL table. Being also the process of lacquering carried out within us, we can ensure quality and speed. To meet special design needs we can supply lacquers starting from simple colours.

We provide our long experience in the design and production of screws and fastening systems tailored to any application sector.

If you need advice on the production of special fasteners, write to us.
One of our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

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