Design of screws according to drawing

Is not the fastening that you need included in our range? No problem, we can study and produce the best solution for every specific case in just some simple steps: analysis of the application, hypothesis testing, sending 3D drawings and video animations, prototyping and testing and in the end production and supplying.


As far as our company offers a wide range of fastener, there is always the possibility that there are special needs to which it’s hard to answer.
For this reason, we have laboratory and machines able respectively to study and to produce the best solution for every specific case in just some simple steps:

  • Analysis of the application: in close contact with the client and thanks to our experience and competence we outline a clear picture of the application’s technical characteristics: material, structuration, geographical position and climatic condition, and any complication in the installation.
  • Hypothesis testing: having clarified the application’s situation, it is possible to formulate some solution hypothesis based on the problems to be addressed. It is possible to operate on the materials of the product already existing, on its shape, on its accessory characteristics or thinking about completely new products. Once the more convincing hypothesis is defined, you go to check that they are practicable through a series of parameters including reproducibility, measurability and its performance, etc.
  • 3D drawings and video animations: when the actual possibility of realizing the product is established, we elaborate faithful 3D reproductions and video animations to better illustrate its appearance and performance before proceeding with its production.
  • Prototyping and testing: at this point, our production structure is involved that thanks to its elasticity it can produce also sampling lots, fundamental characteristic that allows us to test in laboratory or on the site itself our imagined solution. Tests on new generation products concern the technical sphere (resiliency, traction, leakage, etc.) and the usability sphere (ease of installation), the commodity on the site (possible packaging) and all the accessory aspects that can contribute to make a good technical solution a great product.
  • Production and supplying: if the product overcomes every phase and satisfy the initial need of the client it is ready to be produced and supplied.
  • Fastener project realized by UBB’s technical office.

  • 3D fastener prototype


We produced and we can produce special screws suitable for use in every industrial sector, from the construction to the automotive.
You can discover some of our products realized for covering and pileup projects and industrial screws:

We provide our long experience in the design and production of screws and fastening systems tailored to any application sector.

If you need advice on the production of special fasteners, write to us.
One of our experts will contact you as soon as possible.

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