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UBB SRL, thanks to its skillful production departrment, consisting in different lines of modern machines for cold deformation, is able to manufacture a wide range of screws inside a specific and delimited dimensional range.

The producition department of UBB Srl, thanks to over 20 years experience in direct manufactuirng of selftapping and selfdrilling screws, or standard metric bolts, Il reparto produzione di UBB srl, grazie agli oltre 20 anni di attività nella produzione diretta di viteria autofilettante, autoforante e metrica, can boast a modern machine park for cold forming deformation.
In its headquarter, the production capacity of the various lines covers wide range of possibilities, that we can sum up as following:

Diameter of the fasteners achievable: MIN 1,2 mm – MAX 10,5 mm
Lenghts range: MIN 2 mm – MAX 200 mm

The availability of an update stock of production equipments, allows UBB Srl the quickly manufacutre of screws, bolt, or any other special parts, in carbon steel, in stainless steel, or in upper nobiliar class.

We provide our long experience in the design and production of screws and fastening systems tailored to any application sector.

If you need advice on the production of special fasteners, write to us.
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